TreasuryONE Graduate Testimonials

"TreasuryONE is my first post-university employer and I'm grateful and also feel quite spoilt that this is where my career has begun. I have learnt a lot in the few months that I have been here but at TreasuryONE you're not just an employee (read: worker bee). You're also valued as a human being. It's not just about what you bring to the table but it's also about who you are. If you're going through the most you don't have to suffer alone. And your successes are celebrated. You are surrounded by people who genuinely care for you and so you can't help but grow and thrive in a space like that. Having moved from Durban to Pretoria where I knew basically no one it wasn't too hard for me to find my footing because of that. This flower was planted in the right soil to blossom." - Sphe Londiwe Ndwandwe 2018

"TreasuryONE has been a home away from home for me. The family dynamic allowed me to interact with everyone to better understand the treasury spectrum of the finance industry. Being a recent graduate I expected the transition to the work environment to be much more difficult, though the TreasuryOne family made the transition much easier. I encourage all graduates to apply for the programs available by TreasuryONE because you're not just working everyday, you're growing personally and professionally in the TreasuryONE environment. All the best and we hope to see you soon!" - Shiven Moodley 2018

"TreasuryONE and the TreasuryONE Family has been nothing but accepting and supportive of me in my intern year. The culture in this wonderful workplace full of ambition and grit to be successful has inspired me to not just be the perfect copy of myself at work, but also in my own personal life. I could not have dreamed that my first year in the corporate working world would have been this rewarding, fulfilling and full of learning. I don't think there is any other company in SA that provides the type of learning and support structure the way that TreasuryONE does to their Interns. This counts for at work, and outside of work with the fun events and activities TreasuryONE gets their employees to participate in during the year. Hennie De Klerk and all the other Board members and colleagues has made me feel at home from day one." - Rudi Matthee 2018

"TreasuryONE provides a solid foundation that facilitates personal growth and encourages the opportunity to prove yourself as an individual. As a small company, TreasuryONE offers you exposure to various departments in a short space of time, allowing you to interact with and learn from various industry professionals. Having obtained my degree in Bcom Investment Management and currently pursuing the CFA Charter, TreasuryONE provides the perfect environment to utilize what I have studied to make real-world contributions." - Ryan Els 2018